Viva Silver UV+UF

Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF

Introducing the all new Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Providing the shield of complete safety for your family.

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Introducing the all new Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF which provides double protection of UV and UF from Bacteria and Viruses to give you and your family assured safe drinking water. It comes with a storage capacity of 6 litres.

Special Features

  • Silver Action Inside
  • Double protection of UV and UF from Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts
  • 4 stage purification: Water passes through 4 purification stages to make it pure and safe for drinking
  • 6 litres Zero Contamination Concealed Storage Tank: Saves you from the hassle of cleaning the tank
  • Sleek design: Enhances the modern look of the purifier to suit your kitchen
  • User-friendly indicators
  • Screwless front panel opening

Technical Specification

Purification Capacity
Up to 30 L/hr**
Body Material
Wall Mounted
Inlet Water Pressure
Minimum - 5 psi, Maximum - 35 psi
Sediment, Pre-Carbon, UV Lamp, UF Membrane
Tank Volume
6 Litres
UV Lamp
Wattage 11W
UF Membrane
0.01 micron

Stage 1 : Sediment Filter Cartridge

This is the first filtration process which reduces/removes impurities from the inlet water. These impurities may be particles such as dust and sediments which are above 10micron in size. The life of first sediment filter depends upon the inlet water quality.

Stage 2 : Bacteriostatic Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with Silver Impregnation technology

This GAC Cartridge reduces chlorine, bad taste and odour from the inlet water. It also reduces volatile organic compounds and pesticides from water. The silver impregnation technology used in this cartridge ensures improved bacteriostatic performance for the entire life of the carbon capacity. This Silver Action Inside of the bacteriostatic GAC greatly reduces the chance of bio-fouling.

Stage 3 : Ultra Violet Purification

The UV module safeguards against the microbiological impurities that can be present in the water. Ultraviolet purification deactivates the protozoa, bacteria and viruses by damaging the genetic code which renders them harmless as they cannot reproduce themselves.

Stage 4 : Ultra Filtration Membrane

The UF Membrane protects against bacteria, viruses, pyrogens & collodial matter. The membrane passes only dissolved minerals & salts along with the water molecules passing through.

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