Nova Silver RO

Tata Swach Nova Silver RO

Introducing the all new Tata Swach Nova Silver RO Providing the shield of complete safety for your family.

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Introducing the all new sleek Tata Swach Nova Silver RO water purifier which uses advanced Silver Nano Technology to ensure safe drinking water for you and your family.

Special features:

  • Silver Action Inside for longer purifier life
  • 4 Stage Purification: Water passes through 4 purification stages to make it pure and safe for drinking
  • 4 litres Zero Contamination Concealed Storage Tank:Saves you from the hassle of cleaning the tank
  • Sleek design: Enhances the modern look of the purifier to suit your kitchen
  • User-friendly indicators
  • Screwless front panel opening

Technical Specification

Purification Capacity
Upto 8L/hr**
Body Material
Wall Mounted
Inlet Water Pressure
Minimum - 5psi, Maximum - 35 psi
Inlet Water Temperature
2°C to 40°C
Sediment, Pre-Carbon, RO Membrane, Post Carbon
Tank Volume
4 liters
Mains Voltage
160 - 270 V AC
Auto-flushing system
Membrane Type
50 GPD TLCTM (Thin Layer Composite)
Booster Pump Voltage
24 V DC

Stage 1: Sediment Filter Cartridge

This is the first filtration process which reduces/removes impurities from the inlet water. These impurities may be particles such as dust and sediments which are above 5 micron in size. The life of first sediment filter depends upon the inlet water quality.

Stage 2 : Bacteriostatic Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

This GAC Cartridge reduces chlorine, bad taste and odour from the inlet water. It also reduces volatile organic compounds and pesticides from water.

Stage 3 : RO Membrane

This is the heart of your Tata Swach Nova Silver RO Water Purifier. This National Science Foundation (US)- NSF listed membrane has fine pores as low as 0.0001 micron in size to reduce water contaminants such as dissolved salts, pesticides, heavy metals and water borne micro-organisms such as virus, bacteria etc. Dry membrane that comes with your system maximizes shelf life and is put in your system at the time of installation.

Stage 4 : Bacteriostatic Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with Silver impregnation technology

This Post Carbon GAC cartridge imparts bacteriostatic property to the purified water and enhances the taste of water. The silver impregnation technology used in this cartridge ensures improved bacteriostatic performance for the entire life of the carbon capacity. This Silver Action Inside of the bacteriostatic GAC greatly reduces the chance of bio-fouling.

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