Dirt and mud are the only
visible contaminants in water. However, they can also be invisible to the naked eye.

Stage 1

Sediment Filter (Coarse)

This process removes the dust and dirt particles from water that are even as small as 10 microns.

Normally, water is treated with chlorine to kill off germs. But
this also gives a peculiar
taste to the water.

Stage 2

Silver Impregnated Pre-GAC

This reduces the chlorine,
bad taste and odor
from inlet water

Dirt and fine dust particles can be even smaller than 10 microns in size

Stage 3

Sediment Filter (Fine)

This process removes the fine sediment which can be upto 5 microns in size

Contaminated water may lead
to water borne diseases such as Diarrhea. Even if not fatal, chronic diarrhea in early childhood can lead to malnutrition, reduced immunity, stunted growth and bad performance in school.

Stage 4

RO Membrane (Reverse osmosis)

Here, water contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals and waterborne micro-organisms are eliminated.

Unhygienic water collection and unsafe storage practices often lead to recontamination, making it difficult to ensure that water is actually safe when people drink it.

Stage 5

Silver Impregnated Post-GAC

Imparts bacteriostatic property to the purified water and enhances the taste of water

Sometimes clean water may contain stubborn micro organisms that could be harmful to the drinker, such as protozoa, viruses, etc.

Stage 6

Ultra Violet Purification

Deactivates Protozoa, Bacteria and Viruses, left if any, by damaging the genetic code

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