About Tata Chemicals Ltd

Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL), esatblished in 1939, is a global company with interests in chemicals, crop nutrition and consumer products.

Tata Chemicals' range of operations are clubbed as Living, Industrial and Farming Essentials, ie essentials for LIFE! A big part of its living essentials range of products is the food and water portfolio that includes Tata Swach. Tata Swach is an important part of the company's vision for the future and water purification is one of the research areas at the Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre.

Tata Chemicals is a pioneer and market leader in the Indian branded iodised salt segment. It manufactures consumer salt under the brand names Tata Salt, i-Shakti, Tata Salt Lite and Tata Salt Flavouritz. With over 60 per cent share of the market, the company has also introduced a range of health-enhancing salts that target iron deficiency and hypertension.

Anotherconsumer-centric segment at TCL is i-Shakti dals. Packaged pulses were introduced with the mission to increase the supply of high quality, natural, unpolished pulses in the country. Today i-Shakti Dals are available in four varieties: chana, toor, urad and moong.

Tata Chemicals has global operations spread across UK, the Netherlands, Kenya and USA, It is the world's second largest producer of soda ash and the third largest producer of soda bicarbonate and is the country's leading producer of nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilisers.

Today Tata Chemicals touches lives across the world through applications in agriculture, animal nutrition, construction, consumer products, glass, metals, pharmaceuticals, soaps and detergents, and textiles and leather industries.

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