Product Features

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  TATA Swach® Bulb™ works on advanced TSRF™ Technology which is based on path-breaking nanotechnology.
  TATA Swach® TSRF technology destroys harmful bacteria and viruses and its performance capabilities have been tested across reputed laboratories in India, United Kingdom (U.K.) and Netherlands.
  Purification capacity of TATA Swach® Bulb™ - upto 3000 litres.
  Weight : 3kgs, Width : 300 mm, Depth : 282 mm, Height : 572 mm.
  Material of construction: Food grade, non-toxic, engineering plastic.
  Total Storage capacity 9L+9L.
  Weight : 0.6kgs, Width : 146 mm, Depth : 138 mm, Height : 111 mm.
  Material of construction: Food grade, non toxic, engineering plastic.
  Expected Life: up to 3000 litres.

Specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice.