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The Need
bullet   Safe drinking water is a basic of human needs. Non-availability of safe drinking water has been a major social menace worldwide.
bullet   At any given time, 50% of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from water borne diseases. For children under 5, water borne diseases is the leading cause of death. As per the WHO, a child dies of water borne diseases, every 15 seconds. 1.8 million children die of diarrhea every year – 4900 deaths each day.
bullet   The situation in India is as bad: As per UNICEF, an estimated 400,000 children in India die every year due to diarrheal diseases, spread through impure water. It is estimated that 80% of all deaths and 33% of all deaths are attributed to unsafe drinking water. Water borne diseases cause twice the number of deaths as caused by AIDS in India and one and half times those caused by road accidents.
bullet   Inspite of this, a mere 6% of urban Indian households adopt some kind of drinking water purification device, while the number in rural is significantly lower.

TATA Swach® Nanotech Water Purifier
bullet   The vision for TATA Swach® is to reduce the incidence of water borne diseases by making safe drinking water accessible to the “have-not's”.
bullet   The key component of the TATA Swach® water purifier is its cartridge, the TATA Swach® Bulb™. This bulb runs on its unique advanced TSRF technology, around which 14 patents have been filed so far. The Tata Swach ® Bulb purifies upto 3000 liters of water and like an electric bulb, it fuses after its power expires and prevents water from passing once its purifying capacity is exhausted.
bullet   TATA Swach® is the world’s lowest cost purifier, providing safe drinking water at 12 paise per liter.
bullet   It is not only effective against water borne bacteria and virus, but also meets the USEPA performance norms for bacteria.
How is TATA Swach® unique?
A unique feature in the TATA Swach® bulb is the TATA Swach® Fuse™.
bullet   The TATA Swach® bulb is packed with a purification medium which has the capability to kill bacteria & disease causing organisms. In the process of killing, the purification power of the admixture gets consumed and after around 3000 liters, this gets completely exhausted, rendering the bulb ineffective.
bullet   However, impure (bacteria laden) water & pure water may both appear “clear” & almost similar to the naked eye. It was thus important that the user is made aware when the purification capacity of the admixture gets exhausted so as to ensure that the user replaces the Tata Swach bulb in time and thereby protects herself from drinking impure water.
bullet   To achieve this, a unique fuse is incorporated which functions as auto-shut-off technique which actually stops the water flow when the purifying capacity gets exhausted.
bullet   The fuse also has the ability to indicate remaining life and consumed life of the cartridge, thereby giving the user enough warning & lead-time for procurement.
bullet   The TATA Swach® Lock™ is an additional feature which ensures that the user always gets an original TATA Swach® Bulb™ and is hence protected from counterfeits which might have a negative impact on his / his family’s health directly.

TATA Swach® – case of collaboration between various Tata Group companies
bullet   TATA Swach® has been an instance of collaboration between various Tata Group companies. It was an idea that originated with TCS and was subsequently picked up by Tata Chemicals and a joint team of both the companies improved & perfected the technology and made the product meet USEPA standards.
bullet   When the product was ready, the team realized that no off-the-shelf production machine or process was available to mass manufacture such a product. The team discovered that another Tata Group company, Titan Industries (makers of watches & other precision instruments) had expertise in supplying automation solutions by using its precision engineering capability arising out of watch manufacturing. Titan developed the special assembly presses to undertake mass production.
bullet   Thereafter, as TATA Swach® readied launch, help was sought from Tata Business Support Solutions and Tata Teleservices Ltd to provide call center and toll-free number facilities, as part of after-sales-service backbone for the product.